Behavior Modification



Through the years, I’ve met many pets that have had a behavioral issue or two ranging from housebreaking to a variety of aggressive tendencies. These kind of problems do NOT make a pet “bad”, they just require some fine tuning to modify their behavior.  While doing research, I’ve found several different styles of training that have greatly improved my ability to communicate with animals to make a connection with them and now I am able to share them with you! 

If you find you’re having difficulty with correcting an issue with your pet, we can schedule training sessions to access the root of the problem, find the appropriate tools needed, and use direct exercises to make you and your pets routine a little easier at home. Please check ARK Prices for affordable rates.

Baby Betas

From the Housebreaking phase, all the way to a Spay/Neuter appointment, your pup will mature faster than you may be prepared for. Teaching pups at an early age will save you head, back and heart ache as they grow older. 

-Learn why dogs have accidents in the house and how to show your pup where to do their “business” with success.

-Learn how to have your pup say please and thank you for toys and treats. 

-Learn how to walk with your pup before they figure out how to take you for a run! 

Not the Alpha

Teaching mature dogs their place within a pack is essential because all canines need a leader. Canines are incredible intelligent animals and quickly comprehend who they can trust, respect, and love. Some human behaviors confuse dogs into thinking they’re the Alpha. Dogs shouldn’t bully other animals or humans and should be taught personal space boundaries. 

-Learn how to get your dog’s attention in order to follow your cues. 

-Learn how to follow the cues you are giving your dog so they understand the value of what you’re asking of them. 


Does your pet have anxieties or phobias? Please consult with your veterinarian regarding medical concerns associated with anxiety and phobias before considering behavior modification.

Sometimes humans don’t realize we exasperate our dogs fears to particular triggers like sights, sounds and smells with our own precautions. 

-Learn how to stay cool so your pup mimics your behavior and find some peace during those stressful times. 

“Dogs are our four-legged mirror images.” 

– Cesar Milan

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