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Hi, thanks for visiting my website! I hope the information I’ve provided here can answer any questions you may have about Annie’s ARK Pet Care Services catering to families in Lower Westchester, New York.

My name is Annie Davis and have been working with animals for the last 19 years. In 1999, while working at my second veterinary hospital job, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge about proper animal handling and humane restraint techniques allowing veterinarians to successfully treat a variety of animal species (feline, canine, avain, exotic, rodent and reptilian).

While working as a Veterinary Assistant, I met many sweet but ill or hurt animals. My job was to monitor/record patients medical conditions including post operative patients recoveries and help them heal contently during their stays in the animal hospital. Many times I would assist clients home after their pet had been discharged so all members of the family had chance to breathe and recover themselves. This helped these pet parents so their pet could get back to feeling comfortable and happy at home again. A little extra TLC to boost their animal’s spirits and healing process.

It has been 10 years since I left the hospital setting and on my own as an Independent Dog Walker and Cat Sitter with the expertise of a Pet Tech & Behavioral Modification Trainer with Annie’s ARK Pet Care.  These are the happiest years I have ever experienced in my entire work history!

I am also the proud mom of three adorable and emotionally dependent rescued felines. A 11 year old Girly-Girl Tabby named Berry.  My vocal little shadow Opie (named after Optimus Prime), a Black Smoke Tabby who I trained to retrieve his toys, just turns 5 in June!  Abigail, who’s 13, joined us when we moved. She loves the deck since she was an indoor/outdoor cat.

My rescued rascal is Toto, a 9 year old Yorkie/Chinese Crested Mix.

imageAnd PupPup is an 9 year old Chiweenie and Toto’s emotional support animal who has helped him greatly this last year.

 IMG_4336 IMG_6236  image

I am always looking for a new Furry, Feathered or Finned Friends who get a kick out of having their very own Purple Person come over just to see them!

It takes a village to raise a dog walker.

Annie Davis





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